Placement Statistics 2020

At Indian Institute of Information Technology Ranchi, students are nurtured with skills in various Technological domains. They are provided with the Liberty to chosse a domain from the immense number of oppportunities in the IT world. We are driven towards offering our students the best platforms to explore and allow them to test their skills in the outside world by providing them exposure with the industries, research centres and academic institutions of repute. Numerous firms and organization have shown there interest in recruiting students from this Institute, For the development of the technological society, the Institute is open for synergic association with corporate firms, research universities and social organizations.

The placement summary for the 2016-2020 graduating batch is as bellow.

B.Tech CSE B.Tech ECE B.Tech 2016-2020
Number of Students 17 15 32
Number of Students Placed 11 9 20
Number of Offers 17 11 28
Average Salary INR 7.40 LPA INR 6.26 LPA INR 6.90 LPA
Median Salary INR 6.00 LPA INR 6.00 LPA INR 6.00 LPA
Maximum Salary INR 12.00 LPA INR 12.40 LPA INR 12.40 LPA
Minimum Salary INR 5.00 LPA INR 5.00 LPA INR 5.00 LPA

The IIIT Ranchi students are placed in 11 (Eleven) different companies. The details of these companies are as below.

Sl No Company Name Number of Offers
1 Affine Analytics 3
2 BNY Mellon 1
3 Futures First 1
4 GreyB 2
5 IRIS Business 2
6 Legato Health 1
7 OnePlus 2
8 TCS 3
9 Vassarlabs 7
10 Virtusa 5
11 Wiley Next 1
Total 28

Placement Statistics 2019-20