The Logo

IIIT Ranchi

Our logo symbolises and summarises what we stand for. It represents the individuality and distinctiveness of IIITR which aims to produce best-in-class human resource in IT and harnessing the multi-dimensional facets of information technology. .

The outermost layer of the institute’s logo is branched into two very unique concepts. One the Frequency Modulation- which has acted as a revolution in the field of communication technology and the other is the waves resembling the rays of the glorious Sun depicting the mission of the college i.e. to lighten up the path of knowledge for the pupil and also providing them with wisdom, positive energy, strength and clarity. .

The name of the college is concentrically arched in both Hindi and English. And completing it lies an open book at the base giving it an essence of the will to learn and grow. Further, the logo is centralized by an antenna, which has a great significance in the advancement of communication technology. Around the antenna shines the orbital rings showcasing the evidences of knowledge implementation. These rings cover both the miniature and giant aspect of matter because they can be visualized as molecular orbits, the very reason of our existence and it also takes us on a tour of space where it resembles the way satellites revolve around planets thus signifying the role of humans in the field of information and technology. .

In the right half we can see the transformation of these orbits from analog to digital and then to Binary Codes through the process of quantisation. The most amazing part is that the conversion of the binary digits to decimal leaves us with a surprise i.e. 2016, the establishment year of IIITR. The colours have been thoughtfully chosen, black colour of the antenna stands for the vast space which the human race is trying to unveil. Also, light the most fascinating form of energy when composed of red, green and blue forms the scheme of colours and thus the orbital rings are painted in RGB which gives a new and versatile outlook to the logo.